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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:08 pm

These are the house rules for New Babylon. It is mandatory to read before Character creation!

This is a 18+ game. We will not accept any players below this age.

*Rule No. 1: ST have the final call, it is our job to make sure things remain balanced, fair and realistic.

* Character Creations Slots. Players will be given 3 slots of extra freebies. Players choose which character created will receive what slot of extra freebies. Slots are +30 freebie points, +20 and +10.

*We enforce the following links format for character Biographies to help us know your character. Character Background

*Accepting Vampires, Thin Bloods, Dhampirs, Ghouls and Sorcerers. Mages, Werewolf and Demons are accepted under ST approval only.

*Mortals and Ghouls are restricted to ST approval only.

*Hunters will not be form Hunter the Reckoning. We encourage the use of technology and our special Augmentation rules with the exception that Augmentation availability will not be based on Resources just a good biography. Cleaver use of Augmentation (Cyberware and Bioware) can give characters a massive boost. Speak to an ST for help and aproval.

*Hunters will naturally start the game with 30 freebies not the standard 21 of Mortals but using Mortal creation rules.

*Mages can only be played with the approval of the Mage ST. No Arate over 3

*Demon can only be played with the approval of the Demon ST.

*Werewolves can only be played with the approval of the Werewolf ST.

*Ghouls with no Domitor need to have one hell of a story. All Ghouls expect to be treated as Ghouls

*Vampire clans are open to all clans with the approval of the ST. No generation under 9th

*Clan Restrictions. No new player can start the game as Malkavian. Usually only after a player spends time playing a generic character for a period of time will they be allowed to choose this clan.

*ST's have final say on Augmentation, anything taken needs to be approved. A character can not start the game with more then Wired Reflexes Lvl2. Please read the Augmentation section carefully. Any type can get Augmentation but there are heavy flaws involved that will be enforced.

*No Character can start the game with a history of being embraced for less than 10 years without having a sire in the game already or ST approved.

*No Werewolf will have a Rank above 2 on creation.

*No Background of Age.

*Humanity is important so be careful, paths are restricted to ST approval.

*No Min Maxing

*Any Attributes or Abilities above 4 require ST approval. We take pride in growth in and encourage our players to do the same. (Appearance and Intelligence are negotiable).

*Backgrounds of Influence can't be taken above 4 at character creation

*Resources are restricted to a Maximum of 4. Unless there is a back story.

* No starting Disciplines above 4 without ST approval.

*There will be nothing illegal owned by a character including weapons and ammo unless they have the contacts/resources. Anyone in the world can own a pistol as long as they have a RFID.

*All Weapons purchased in game and in character creation needs to be approved by an ST.

*Secondary Attributes will cost the same as normal Abilities during character creation. But any Secondary cant be higher that it’s primary counterpart. For example Swimming 2 will have to be accompanied by Athletics 3.

* Merits and Flaws have a 7 point limit. Any more needs to be approved by an ST approval.  All Merits/Flaws must be explained.

*Old characters are welcome as long as they are written up to this channels specifications (as in written as new characters).

*Biographies – be prepared to explain and make them detailed.

*No anime pictures for character profiles and players must provide details for their Wikia page.  Pics should be emailed with your Character Sheet. Click on the link for ideas.

*No Character will be approved below legal age. No Child Characters. 17 years old will be pushing it for us, for personal and legal reasons. STs reserve the right to say no to a character concept that we feel wont fit this game.

*Experience can only be gained in Public channels or being involved in a story line. (see our XP system). There will be no XP awarded from Private closed off scenes.

*Lastly remember All ST’s are evil so if you don’t want to play it don’t add it to your character, we will use everything. Enjoy.
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House Rules
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