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 Psychic: Biocontrol

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Most psychics turn their paranormal abilities outward sensing things beyond normal perceptions or controlling them with their wills. Other psychics turn their powers inward. Psychics with Biocontrol regulate their autonomic nervous systems with the ease the others tie their shoes. Proper use of biocontrol allows a psychic to shut down pain regulate his internal organs or even direct the flow of blood and glandular secretions at will. While some otherwise normal people learn basic techniques of biofeedback the truly talented psychic can perform marvels beyond all but the most dedicated meditative disciple.

Roll: Stamina + Meditation

The psychic has power over his body to a basic degree. He controls basic functions. He can stop a small cut from bleeding, ignore small amounts of pain or hold his breath longer and tolerate extreme temperatures for than he would be able to under normal circumstances.

System: The number of success indicates the number of rounds Pain modifiers can be ignored or the number of minuets past his stamina rating that he can hold his breath or handle extreme temperatures before modifications take place. Though he can stop himself form bleeding the sorcerer is unable to heal the damage. The Psychic can act normally during this time.

The Sorcerer has the ability to soak Leathal Damage and can staunch the flow of blood to larger wounds now.

System: The number of successes indicates the time he can boost.

1 Success - 1 Turn
2 Successes - 3 Turns
3 Successes - 1 Hour
4 Successes - 1 Day
5 Successes - 1 Week

***Hysterical Strength
The psychic gains control of his adrenal glands, allowing brief periods of hysterical strength and speed. The player rolls at diff 6. Every successes on the roll gives the character one additional point to Str, Dex or Stam up to a max of 5 dots in any characteristic. The effect lasts one scene after which the psychic must roll again a difficulty 6 to soak these successes in bashing damage. As the psychic ‘comes down’ from the hysterical episode, his body responds to the excessive stress and pain.

****Mind Over Matter
At this level the psychic can stop his own heart, suspend the need for oxygen, regulate digestive functions, control the immune system and accelerate or suppress cell growth, regeneration or processing. In effect, the psychic can direct her body consciously to perform feats of biology almost as if her cells responded individually to her mind. The psychic can nullify most toxins with a diff 8 roll. He can fight of most any mundane disease, allergen or irritant and can even try to counteract severe diseases like HIV or cancer (against diff Cool. With pain control he can flex and contort his body into unnatural positions and slip out of bonds or into tight spaces. He can hold his breath for minutes at a time while remaining active and if necessary can actively redirect toxins to other parts of his body. The psychic can, if he prepares his body against trauma, gain a normal stamina soak against any sort of damage, even aggravated (diff 8, successes determine the max number of dice that the psychic can use to soak lethal or aggravated damage for the scene, not counting armor or other external modifiers).

*****The Beast Within
The Physic has total control over his body and is able to force it beyond anything humanly possible. Once activated the psychic can use all of the lower levels in conjunction with The Beast Within to produce truly terrifying feats.

System: the psychic naturally gains +2 Strength, +3 Dexterity, +2 Stamina. He gains a number of extra actions equal to his Wits. All damage modifiers are ignored until the effect is dropped. He can Soak anything with his stamina score and is capable of inflicting lethal damage with fists and feet.
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Psychic: Biocontrol
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