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 Psychic: Cyberkinesis

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PostSubject: Psychic: Cyberkinesis   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:47 pm

This is the ability to control electronic equipment with ones mind. While the psychic can control the machine he can not ‘read it’s mind’, that is a separate power. For all powers above level one generally thought a monitor or display.

Roll: Manipulation + Computer


The cyberkinetic possesses the ability to switch computers or easily operated electronic equipment on and off. Roll at diff 6 for machines switched by electronic relays, diff 8 from switches that rely on physical relays.


The psychic may operate equipment without touching it, as if by remote control. This does not give him any override codes or passwords. He could enter a password without typing it at the keyboard, but he could not login to a machine without a valid password. Roll against difficulty 4 or 5 for simple acts like programming a VCR or entering data into a word processor. Very complex actions require higher difficulty, such as 7 for driving a car with power steering or 9 for a computer controlled factory.


The character possesses the ability to send microscale power surges through computers, giving them the equivalent of an epileptic seizure. Computers lock up. Video equipment displays snow and recording equipment picks up nothing but static. The scrambling effect lasts as long as the cyberkinetic concentrates upon it. When the effect lapses, the machines return to normal function, though some less robust operating systems will crash. Roll against diff 7, though complex systems may require an 8 or 9.


They cyberkinetic overrides the operating system of computers, essentially giving himself any password or code he desires. He can force the computer to do anything the normal operating system is capable of performing. He could for instance, create administrator access for himself, erase data or forge e-mail from anyone with an account on the system. Roll against diff 7 for ordinary desktop machines, diff 8 or 9 for machines with high degrees of security or other intrusion countermeasures.

*****Run Hot

The psychic has such control of electronics that he can effectively ‘reprogram’ the computer to exceed its normal abilities. A computer calculates fast, a robot arm lifts more, a laser burns hotter. Roll against diff 8. Every success gives the psychic an extra success to apply to his next use of the machine. However, every success also does one health level of damage to the machine. Apply the wound penalties to the devices subsequent functions until it is repaired.
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Psychic: Cyberkinesis
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