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 Psychic: Magnitisim

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Psychics are perceived by their preferred gender as irresistibly attractive, naturally inducing pleasure and desire while lifting inhibitions. This power is personification and inherent part of them, regulated by the psychics own preferences and desires. It notably allows them to trigger great pleasure with little effort, and often crystallizes in long-term romantic feelings.

Manipulation + Empathy

The psychic gives of pheromones that stimulate the targets brain's pleasure centers by smell. As soon as the Psychic enters a room she can choose to attract or repel those within with her scent. Making it easier to seduce or intimidate her prey.

System: For every success scored increases the difficulty for the target to resist the psychics desires.

**Calming Presence
The psychic can induce pleasure with her very presence, this is a mental state that humans and other beings experience as positive, enjoyment worth seeking, by stimulating the pleasure centers of another by touch, sound and smell. It includes more specific mental states such as happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy and euphoria. The psychic is able to cause mental, spiritual, physical, social pleasures. Making the target relaxed and complaint in her presence.

System: The effects of this power takes time to achieve. This is more a social power. Though each success scored temporarily lowers the the targets willpower and self control when dealing with the psychic.

***Sixth Sense
The psychic is a people person. She needs to know who she is dealing with. Through the course of a conversation she can start to form a picture of who the target really is, so she knows exactly what buttons to push to get her way. Though she can not force anyone to do something for her She will learn how to seduce them.

System: The number of successes indicates the amount of information gained from the target.

1 Success - A Flaw of the Target.
2 Success - + The Targets Demeanor
3 Successes - + The Targets Willpower
4 Successes - + The Targets Nature.
5 Successes + Any relevant information about the characters psychology. Merits/Flaws/Derangements within reason (STs discretion, speak to one when rolling)

The psychic has such control that she could make complete stranger treat them like their closest friend in only a few minutes. She can convince almost anyone to be perfectly willing to help them in any way they need. Though she could not convince them to jump off a bridge nor can she force a pacifist to commit a violent act she can convince them to turn a blind eye or hand over an object needed. By playing to their Natures the psychic will know exactly what she can get away with.

Systems: The psychic rolls vs the Targets Willpower. Every success is a service they will perform in the name of the psychic.

The psychic has learned complete control over those around her. Her will can be forced causing intense pleasure or pain if disobeyed. When activated She can choose to exert her presence on everyone around her. To obey is to produce euphoric feelings with in the target as they know they have done well. To disobey any command will require a willpower roll difficulty her charisma and empathy. If they fail they will feel physically ill that they would even think about hurting or disobeying her. A more passive form of this power will come from positive reinforcement. The Target will not soon forget the psychic even once they leave her presence, they be instantly attracted, trust and want to pursue more with the psychic long after the effects. After all she is the personification of perfection be it in business or sex appeal.

System: The number of successes rolled to activate this power is the number of successes the Target needs to overcome it. A botch means they experience a temporary state similar to the vampires blood bond.
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Psychic: Magnitisim
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