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 Psychic: Electrokinesis

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PostSubject: Psychic: Electrokinesis    Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:40 pm

Electrokinesis allows the psychic to create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents and electronics.

Manipulation + Science

The Psychic is able to manipulate the electrical currents that flow all around them. With a touch they are able to earth the current and force a spark. Their very touch will be like being touched by a stun weapon.

System: Once contact has been made the target must make a Stamina check difficulty 6. They need 3 successes not to stunned for one round. If they gain 2 Successes they will suffer +1 difficulty to their actions for one round. 1 success and they gain +2 difficulty to their actions for one round.

The psychic can temporary disrupt a power source in a device, including the current that runs a human. Monitors and Cameras will show static feedback. Lights will flicker off. Cars will loose power. Computers will freeze. If done to a human their will suffer a seizure. (Seizures in humans is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain) At this level the Seizure will cause no permanent damage.

The psychic needs to touch the target first. The number of successes equals the time the seizure lasts.

1 Success - 1 Turn
2 Successes - 2 Turns
3 Successes - 1 minuets
4 Successes - 2 minuets
5 Successes - 5 minuets

The psychic is able to create a latent charge in an object, causing lesser systems to overload or discharging through consoles. She can force a conductive object to store potential energy that is released as soon as it is touched. She can even temporarily charge a bat or sward or knife.

System: The Charge is equal to the amount of successes scored by the psychic. For ever two successes scored creates 1 level of Lethal damage rounded up. For every 2 Successes scored the item holds its charge for 1 turn. So an object accidentally touched unbeknown, the victim will need to make a strength test to break the connection Difficulty 9 for Humans, Difficulty 5 for vampires as they do not suffer the effects of electricity the same.

The psychic is able to manipulate the very air around them creating electrical interference. She can manipulate the lower level effects within line of sight (Rolling at their power level). The psychic has gained control that she controls who is effected around her. The number of successes equals the number of people or items at a time she can effect. The effect moves as the psychic moves.

*****Living Current
The psychic sucks electrical energy into her. She becomes a living pulsating charge of energy. She can destroy artificial light around her, even force herself to illuminate in low light. Any who touch her will need to soak 3 levels of lethal damage for the duration of the power. Though the psychic has complete control and choose to spark instead. She will be able to send her consciousness through electric streams, forcing mag-locks to shut off or entire security systems to go haywire. Remember the psychic is not a hacker, she can not change programing or get information. Most High level mainframes have massive surge protectors but this does not stop the psychic force a part of a system to experience electrical ghosts that set of alarms or what would be seen as malfunctions. If the character chooses to discharge everything she has Charged this will end the effect of this power but will do double the damage.

System: The psychic can charge once a round for 5 rounds then choose to discharge when she is ready. Rolling at Difficulty 6. Discharging at difficulty 7. A botch means a random victim suffered the charged discharge. A fail means it did not work this turn and the psychic can try again.
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Psychic: Electrokinesis
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