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 Psychic Shielding

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PostSubject: Psychic Shielding   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:37 pm

With this ability for the psychic is able to seance the shift of forces around him. The psychic can generate an invisible shield of kinetic energy to protect him.

Manipulation + Awareness

System: Successes needs to be split in to Power and Duration:
1 success into duration lasts 5 rounds
2 success into duration lasts the scene
3 success into duration lasts the day
4 success into duration lasts two days
5 success into duration lasts is a week

The power of the shields automatically remove damage from the final score against the psychic.

*Sense The Shift
With a little preparation the psychic becomes sensitive to motion around him. Picking up the ripples of forces in what ever direction around him. Though he may not see what is causing it he becomes aware of a presence in his immediate surrounding. This is not sonar nor does it extend through walls. But as soon as the potential steps around the object they can be detected, foiling most potential ambushes. Successes determines the duration that this effect lasts. 1 Turn per success.

System: In order to sense the passing of someone hidden with Obfuscate and Psychic Invisibility you need to have a level of shields equal to or higher than the target.

**Kinetic Shields
The psychic shields can absorb kinetic attacks.

***Thermo Shields
The psychic shields can absorb heat and cold.

****Electro Shields
The psychic shields can absorb electrical charge.

*****Area Shields
The psychic is able to extend his shields to protect a greater area. 10 feet radius from the psychic. He is now able to not only shield himself but his friends to.
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Psychic Shielding
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