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 Psychic Healing

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PostSubject: Psychic Healing   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:36 pm

Both a blessing and a curse the Psychic healers are a rare breed. Many are hunted for practicing medicine with out a license despite their miraculous cures. A botch will mean the wound is healed improperly, bones fuse in an improper alignment meaning it would need to be re broken. Symptoms may accelerate and even the wounds or disease may spread to the Healer. Either was a Botch will have devastating effects. Many hypnotists promise results. Some even produce them.

Roll: Perception + Empathy


Psychic’s with this power possess the ability to instantly diagnose disease and injury to a person. This ability to sense what is wrong does not give him the ability to cure the problem, but it does allow psychic with medical training to suggest the most efficient cures. A psychic healer without medical training finds it difficult to explain to doctors what is the problem. Perc + Empathy diff 6. The number of successes determines the accuracy of the diagnosis. If the psychic has medical training, the player may add any diagnosis successes to the dice pool of a subsequent medical roll.

**A Good Night’s Sleep

The psychic has the ability to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes with a touch. This takes approximately a minute and the psychic simply massaging the injured area. At the end of the minute, the player rolls Perc + Empathy diff 7. If the player succeeds the subject is considered to be treated by a ‘highly skilled physician (4+ dots in medicine) for the purpose of healing times. If the player scores more than three successes, the subject also regains a point of willpower.

***Basic Healing

The psychic’s ability to knit wounds and cure disease has expanded. The healer can heal bashing damage and cure simple diseases or poisonings. (level 3 toxins or less). Roll Perc + medicine diff 7. Each success cures one level of bashing damage. Every two successes reduces the effects of a toxin by one level. It takes a turn per would level for the healing to take effect.


At this level, the psychic can knit broken bones, close serous wounds and cure potent diseases. Roll Perc + Medicine diff 7 and spend 1 point of willpower. This is spent before the roll. Each success heals one lethal wound level or reduces any disease or poison of toxin rating 4 or less by one level. This takes 10 minutes per would level such recovery is noticeably swift and unusual though in the case of a seriously injured patient it might simply stabilize a critical wound and prevent death.

*****Psychic Surgery

The psychic empathically reaches his hands into the body of a person, allowing him to remove cancers or infections from the body. The psychic can cure diseases up to toxin rating 6. Roll Perc + Medicine diff 8. The process takes 10 minutes time the toxin rating of the disease. The healer can also use this talent to harm as well as heal. This power cannot be used in combat as it takes to long, but the psychic can reach into a healthy body and remove healthy tissue. Roll Perc + Medicine diff 7. Each success causes a level of unsoakable aggravated damage. The psychic simply places his hands against the subject’s flesh and concentrates in some cases blood may well out of the flesh or the psychic’s fingers may appear to dig into the body itself.
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Psychic Healing
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