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 Psychic Vampirism

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PostSubject: Psychic Vampirism   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:34 pm

They psychic literally drains away emotion from his victims or in some cases actual living energies, converting them into energies for himself. The psychics often become addicted to the sensations, the feeling created is quiet unlike anything else the experience a mental rush from the draw and an intense euphoria is created from the 'feed'. This usually brings out the worse in the Psychic Vampire.

Roll: Manipulation + Empathy


The psychic vampire feeds off strong emotions. The emotions can be positive (joy, happiness, or love) or negative (fear, hatred, greed), though the vampire tends to find it easier to generate negative emotions. The vampire rolls Manipulation + Empathy diff 6 to ‘feed’ off the emotions. This provides no concrete benefit to the vampire, though it porivdes a rush of power. Depending on the nature of the character, this may allow him to recover lost willpower though it is recommended that the player score at least 3 successes on the roll for that to occur. The psychic must be close to the target (within 10 yard) and able to sense her to feed. The target may feel unsettled by the process, as the effect tends to mute her emotions. However, it does not remove the emotion itself and could not be used, for instance, to calm down an angry person. The vampire can use this ability to monitor the emotions of the subject, though he doesn’t have an accurate gauge of the subjects emotions until he starts the drain.

**Sapping the Will

The drain effect sharpens here. The vampire’s leeching of life energy saps the will of the target while invigorating his own will. The psychic rolls Manipulation + Empathy (diff targets current willpower) and the target rolls a reflexive willpower roll (diff 6). If the psychic succeeds, he drains one point of temporary willpower from the target and adds it to his own store of temporary willpower. The extra willpower can exceed the psychic’s normal maximum willpower (up to 10 total temporary willpower). While the character has more than normal willpower he feels invigorated, akin to a drug high. The excess willpower fades at a rate of one point per hour. This talent can be used at a range of up to 10 yards.

***Energy Transfer

The vampire’s ability to leech life energy now allows him to invigorate himself and to heal minor injuries with stolen life force. This requires the vampire to touch the subject for a turn. The psychic’s player then rolls Manipulation + Empathy (diff 7). Each success causes a level of bashing damage to the target and heals a level of bashing damage that the psychic has taken. If the psychic is fully healed when this occurs, each bashing level absorbed restores 2 points of willpower. The subject does get a soak roll, and soaked levels of damage do not benefit the psychic.

****Life Leech

This dangerous talent allows the psychic to leech away vital life energies from the target healing any damage the psychic may have taken and giving an emotional high without compare. The psychic must maintain physical contact with the target for one turn per damage level absorbed and then rolls Manipulation + Empathy (diff Cool . Each success does one level of lethal damage to the subject. This will heal one level of damage (bashing or lethal) or turn one level of aggravated damage into lethal damage. If the character is fully healed when he leeches life energy, each damage level absorbed provided the character with 3 points of willpower.

*****Emotional Vortex

The psychic’s ability to absorb energy has progressed to the point where he can affect multiple targets at once. The psychic must have used one of the lesser powers on the target once to make the link to the target’s emotional template. After that, the psychic can use the level one or level two powers on the target at will. The range at which the psychic can drain the target depends on number of successes the player scores on the power roll (see below).

One – Line of sight

Two – A one block radius, and the psychic does not have to see the target.

Three – In the immediate neighborhood

Four – Anywhere in the city

Five – Anywhere in the county
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Psychic Vampirism
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