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 Psychic: Psychkinesis

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PostSubject: Psychic: Psychkinesis   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:32 pm

Psychkinesis aka Telekinesis, the ability to move things without touch. A psych must be able to see the target she wishes to manipulate and must use a modicum of concentration to manipulate an object. However she can split her attention and lift multiple objects so long as she dedicates an action for each object. The total weight lifted cannot exceed the psychic usual lifting capacity. If the psychic attempts to wrest an object form someone’s grasp makes a contested roll pitting psychic strength versus the targets physical strength (diff 6).

Roll: Wits + Empathy

The psychic has an effective mental Strength of 0. She can lift only a few pounds. She can move the object 5 + Wits yards/round.

The psychic’s mental strength is now 1, and she can move the object at a velocity of 7 + wits yards/round.

The psychic has a mental strength of 2, and she can move objects at a velocity of 9 + wits yards/round.

The psychic’s mental Strength is 3, and she can move a levitated object at 11 + wits yards/round. At this level, the psychic can levitate herself, regardless of weight. Due to the concentration required to fly in this fashion, she may only move at walking speed (7yards/round.)

The psychic has a mental strength of 4 and can move objects at 13 + wits yards/round. At this level, she also gains a free extra object that she can move without splitting her concentration.
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Psychic: Psychkinesis
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