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 Psychic: Psychometry

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The ability to pick up psychic residue left on objects, places or people. Things exposed to strong emotional signatures hold flashes of information that a psychometric can read by touch. Particularly strong or violent emotions like murder may even cause sympathetic reactions in the psychic a feeling of rage, dread or other emotion imposed by the incredibly strong psychic resonance The players successes indicate the level of detail achieved. With many successes a character will have longer more vivid impressions and emotions. On a both a psychic may become lost in a dream like reverie or even become overwhelmed by emotional resonance, suffering injury or temporarily losing her personality and repeating the actions surrounding the object or place touched.

Roll: Perception + Empathy


The character gets vague, dreamlike impressions of recent activities involving the object or more distant activities that involved strong emotions. In many cases, the reading gives just the feelings involved with the incident, instead of actual imagery. When imagery does appear (generally with 3 or more successes), it is figurative and dreamlike.


In addition to the previous information gathered, the psychic gets an accurate mental image of the person most closely associated with the object.


The psychic receives impressions of the strongest emotional incident involving that object. With 3 successes she receives a dreamlike image of the incident, including the number of people involved and a description of the area. If concentrating on the objects owner, she can determine the person’s approximate age, emotional state, hits of personality, and exactly what the individual felt at the time.


The psychic can clearly visualize the event in question, as well as gathering general impressions of what happened to the object’s owner during the day the incident occurred. As an alternative, the psychic can simply replay the past day of the object, even if there were no strong emotional evens concerning the object that day.


In addition to a clear picture of the event, the psychic receives clear emotional impressions of the other people at the event, and gains insight into what they were feeling. She receives clear images of the people present. She also can use the object as a psychic link to the owner, allowing her to gain a general impression of where the owner is currently.
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Psychic: Psychometry
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