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 Psychic: Psychoportation

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PostSubject: Psychic: Psychoportation   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:29 pm

Psychoportation is the ability to teleport oneself and one's immediate possessions over short distances without physically crossing the intervening space. The psychic simply "disappears" from one place and "reappears" in another. Whether the psychic disassembles and reassembles, warps space, travels astrally or finds some other form of motion, nobody knows but here one moment, gone the next, the psychic can often leap without a care for the laws of physics.

The teleporter can carry himself and a small amount of personal possessions. No psychic has yet been able to jump with more than about 100 pounds of carried material those trying to carry more tend to suffer some sort of psychic feedback (as a general rule, inflict six levels of bashing damage and go from there).

A botch during teleportation means that the psychic may land inside a solid object. This does 8 dice aggravated damage to the psychic and the object he accidentally teleported into. Alternately, the psychic may poof away into a more dangerous location, somewhere completely unknown or even without his clothes!

Roll: Perception + Alertness

*Short Hop The teleporter can teleport 12 + Intelligence yards in a turn. He must be able to see (with his own eyes or mystical senses) the destination.

**Simple Jump

The psychic's range for teleportation increases to 20 + (3 x Intelligence) yards.

***Long Jump

The teleporter can "jump" 40 + (6 x Intelligence) yards in a turn. He can double this distance by spending the previous turn concentrating and succeeding on a Perception + Meditation roll, difficulty 7.

****Very Long Jump

The teleporter's range has increased to 80 + (12 x Intelligence) yards. He can double this distance by spending previous turn in concentration, as described previously.

*****Blind Jump

Though the jumper's distance does not increase at this level, he no longer needs to see the destination. He can teleport to a place familiar to him. To memorize a location, the teleporter spends one scene in the place, and the player expends a point of Willpower. The location must be a stationary one. One cannot memorize a location in a moving train, for instance.
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Psychic: Psychoportation
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