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 Player created Rituals

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PostSubject: Player created Rituals   Thu May 27, 2010 5:52 am

The following rituals were created by characters during the course of the game. if your character wishes to learn these rituals they must consult the author of the ritual in the game.

Level 3: Return of the spark –
Morena De Costa, Guildford Chantry, 2010, Rank: Apprentice of the 5th circle

This ritual is based on domino of life only it is much more powerful. It affects all bodily functions at once. The target of the ritual is granted their living body again until the next sunrise. for that night they can eat, breath, feel the warmth of their skin, the Goosebumps on their flesh, feel the beat of their heart, cut their hair, enjoy the taste of food and drink and partake the joys of intimate pleasures *wink*.
In all respect the target will appear human including their aura.

While this ritual gives the perfect illusion of Mortality it is just that. An illusion. The Vampire is still undead. Any food eaten will be expelled when the ritual ends, he/she may not impregnate or be impregnated and they may not feel the sun on their skin without meeting a fiery end.

Roll Occult + Intel diff 6: in order for anyone to see through the illusion they need auspex and need to score more successes on a perception +Alertness roll then the caster scored on the creation of the ritual. The Ritual lasts until sunrise.

The caster needs full access to the target which requires an hour of chanting and anointing of oils. The ritual completes when the target takes in a point of blood from "one who has never sinned" this is normally a baptized infant but the ritual does allow for flexibility depending on the religious views of the caster. The Blood must be absorbed without drinking. This could involve injecting the blood with a needle or using a vessel of transference.

While this ritual is in effect the target must hold to the illusion. Any uses of disciplines spending of blood, healing or drinking of blood dispels the effect prematurely.

Level 3: The Forgotten Strike of Tomorrow –
Morena De Costa, Guildford Chantry, 2010, Apprentice of the 5th circle

This ritual enchants a weapon to incapacitate a victim effectively so they may be captured and questioned later.
Intel Occult diff 6
A Black Iron Rod is buried in salt for a number of days equal to the number of sucesses scored on the roll, this is the number of charges the rod will hold. Once the rod is removed the caster must charge the rod once a day by harming a subject. Typically the subject is beaten until unconscious or dead. At the end of the "charge" the Rod stores up a number of successes equal to the number of un soaked health levels the victim took. For example if the caster scored 5 successes then the rod must be buried for 5 days and the rod would be charged once a day for 5 days. Assuming the caster inflicted 7 health levels of dmg each day the rod would ultimately hold 35 dice of dmg. Once charged the rod is sealed by being heated red hot then soaked in the blood of one who has killed another.

When the rod successfully strikes a target it releases all its charges at once. In the above example the rod would inflict 35 dice of bashing damage.

Only a black Iron rod may be used and thus this weapon normally does bashing dmg. It is possible to enchant this item further by adding various wards, the wards deliver their normal damage.

When charging a rod the beating has to be done in one unbroken period. And only one subject a day. The subject must be beaten until dead or unconscious.
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Player created Rituals
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