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 Setite Ritials

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PostSubject: Setite Ritials   Wed May 26, 2010 1:04 pm

The Following are for St Discretion, they are highly specialized and not for normal Setite Characters.

Level 1
Inscribe the Book of Set -Creates a copy of "The Book of Set", also known as "The Book of Going Forth by Night". When read as part of a ritual requiring such reading, this special consecrated copy will make the rituals easier to perform. The book burns in sunlight. This ritual may also be used to write other works,k though the only benefits of such works is that they too burn in sunlight. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 29)

Milk of Set -Catch-all term for any number of salves or unguents that a Setite can make. Technically, the crafted item can be of any level, not just level one. The items effects vary, as the player decides what he wants the item to do. However, the effects must change their targets for the worse, or alter them so that they serve a new purpose. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 117)

Seal the Gates of Blood -Prevents a woman from miscarrying and greatly reduces her menses. The menstrual blood actually passes to the lector priest: one blood point, once a month. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 29)

Typhon's Brew -An alchemical potion. Ghouls can drink it and sustain themselves as though it were true vampiric vitae. Vampires can also drink it, but it provides no benefits. Other than the benefit described, it holds none of the other special properties of vitae. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 29)

Level 2
Dreams of Duat -Gives the victim nightmares, which drain away his willpower night by night. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 29)

Opening the Gate -Allows the Setite to temporarily increase his blood or willpower pools by a certain amount once per night, so long as he possesses the ritual item (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 118)

Opening the Mouth -Allows a cadaver to hear and speak for one minute. The cadaver is not compelled to speak the truth, can speak only what he knew in life (regardless of what he learned in the World Beyond), and can take no other action. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 29)

Level 3
Linked Soul Elixer -A person (mortal or Kindred) under the elixer's influence feels the pleasure, pain, thoughts and emotions of every other elixer-user within sight, granting numerous drawbacks and benefits. An imbiber under the effects of Linked Soul Elixer cannot resist Dominate, Presence or any other sort of mind control magic. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 29)

Prepare Canopic Jars -Allows the Setite to, at any time, interfere with any action performed by the target of this ritual, provided the Setite is somehow aware of the target's current activities. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 118)

Scorpion Sending -Crafts a wax scorpion which becomes real and strikes the target, inflicting lethal poison that may kill him. This also works on Kindred and other supernatural beings with physical bodies. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 30)

Level 4
Dismemberment of Osiris -This ritual involves ritually murdering the head of an organization. When the ritual is complete, the group or organization that the victim was head of will subsequently be destroyed in whatever manner is most appropriate (physically, spiritually, financially, etc.), perhaps beyond recovery. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 119)

Severing Sand -When used on spirits, forces them to return to their realm. They cannot return to Earth until the next nightfall. When used on other supernatural creatures, they lose whatever healing powers they may possess for one minute. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 30)

Summon Sebau -Summons a sebau-fiend (a type of demon), from whom the lector-priest can command one service. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 30)

Level 5
Dismembering the God -Drains the victim of blood and willpower (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg.119)

Portrait Link -The lector-priest sketches a portrait of his subject from life (or unlife). He then engraves that picture into a stone tablet along with various m agic words and the subject's name in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Thereafter, the lector-priest can use the portrait as a sympathetic link to that person. He may then use any distance-based ritual involving that person from any distance, so long as it involves using the portrait. (Lair of the Hidden, pg. 141)
Warding Cippus -Spirits of Duat cannot approach within 100 feet of a Warding Cippus. If they try, they vanish back to Duat. (Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, pg. 30)
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Setite Ritials
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