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 Necromacy Rituals Level 1-5

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PostSubject: Necromacy Rituals Level 1-5   Wed May 26, 2010 12:59 pm

Level 1

Call of the Hungry Dead -Enables the necromancer to hear snatches of words spoken beyond the Shroud. These voices come across as damned and may drive the necromancer insane. (Vampire: The Masquerade, Revised Ed., pg. 165)

Circle of Cerberus -Increases the difficulty of ghosts and spirits to negatively affect the caster's rituals, so long as the caster remains in a special circle. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 105)

Eldritch Beacon -Crafts a special sphere. Whoever possesses this sphere on his person becomes highlighted in the Shadowlands. Arcanoi work easier on this character. (Guide to the Sabbat, pg. 110)

Ministra di Morte -By consuming the flesh of the dead, the necromancer may determine if the deceased became a wraith or a specter, or neither. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 74)

Rape of Persephone -Decreases the difficulty of casting all necromantic rituals, except those targeting ghosts, Specters or spirits, for the remainder of the night. If several necromancers (up to seven) perform this ritual together, they can freely trade Willpower points between each other for the rest of the night. May also allow said necromancers to temporarily experience each others tactile sensations. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 105)

Ritual of the Smoking Mirror -Crafts a mirror that lets the necromancer stare into it and activate either Lifesight or Deathsight, the wraith abilities. Known almost exclusively to the Pisanobs. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 71)

Casting of Bones -The Graverobber throws a die carved from the knuckle bone of an executed criminal. If he rolls a six or more, the next action he takes is at -1 difficulty. If he rolls five or lower, the next action he takes is at +1 difficulty.

Final Sight -By looking into a corpse's eyes, the Graverobber may see the last static image that the person saw while he was alive. (Dark Ages: Vampire, pg. 196)

Knell of Doom -For the rest of the night, the Graverobber is aware whenever death occurs within several miles. He hears a great iron bell tolling for every death and gains an understanding of the death's location relative to his current position.

Revivify the Cold Vitae -Revivifies the putrid blood in a corpse, making it acceptable for consumption again for a single night. The blood is cold. (Dark Ages: Vampire, pg. 196)

Level 2
Kiss of Ages -When the Graverobber drains a victim completely of blood, the victim immediately crumbles to dust. This may also be used on corpses. It has a certain number of charges, but they automatically all dissipate on the full moon.

Eyes of the Grave -The victim will experience intermittent visions of his death over the period of a week. The victim may be reduced to a quivering panic whenever he sees these visions. As their occurrence is unpredictable, it could occur at any time, such as while driving, taking an important test or trying to run from a pissed-off 6th Gen. Elder. (Vampire: The Masquerade, Revised Ed., pg. 165)

Hand of Glory, The -Crafts a hand that puts people in a household into a magical sleep. Can be reused indefinitely. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 74)

Judgment of Rhadamanthus -Tricks a wraith who held to a religious belief with afterlife convictions. Said wraith is convinced the necromancer can send him to the "True Afterlife" respective of his religion's version of Heaven. The necromancer does not actually possess the ability to do so, but the convicted wraith will obey the necromancer in order to obtain Heaven and to avoid Hell (the latter being a potential threat). Does not work on wraiths who were atheists or did not believe in an afterlife. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 105)

Occhio d'Uomo Morto -Uses a corpse's eye to give the necromancer permanent Shroudsight. If the deceased had become a spectre, the necromancer can also hear the low background noise of any nearby specters talking. There are some minor mundane and supernatural drawbacks and benefits to having this bizarre eye in one's socket. (Clanbok: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 75)

Puppet -Increases the ease with which wraiths may possess a body. (Guide to the Sabbat, pg. 110)

Ritual of Pochtli, The -Enables a group of necromancers to perform a ritual in unison and combine their successes. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 44)
Spirit Beacon -Draws wraiths to a particular area. (Clanbook: Giovanni, pg. 44)

Eyes of Despondent Revelation -Gives the Graverobber Deathsight until he next sleeps.

Eyes of the Grave -Over the next week, the target experiences a series of terrifying insights into and visions of his death. This can seriously incapacitate a person. (Dark Ages: Vampire, pg. 196)

Hungry Mold -Creates a sickly gray-green gel that acts as a deadly flesh-eating fungus. The mold inflicts aggravated damage on whatever it touches as it eats its way to the bone, then festers and eats away at the flesh around the affected spot.

Skull of Warning -Crafts a skull that keeps a permanent vigil around the Graverobber's house. Whenever an intruder enters, the skull chatters and shrieks until the intruder leaves, dies, or it finally settles down. This WILL be heard by those inside the haven, even awakening the Graverobber if he is asleep.

Level 3

Implacable Vigor -By drinking a special concoction, the Gravedigger either increases his Physical Attributes or decreases his wound penalties, or both.
System Roll Intelligence and Occult Diff 6, the number of successes determines the amount to be placed in the casters Physical Attributes or the number of wound penalties decreased. (decided by the Caster at the time of making the Liquid) Lasts for one hour.

Din of the Damned -Wards a room. Anybody attempting to listen in on what occurs in the room has a chance of accidentally hearing noises coming from the Shadowlands instead. (Guide to the Sabbat, pg. 110)

Divine Sign -Enables the necromancer to view the next course of action a living subject will take. Alternatively, it increases the supernatural connection between the necromancer and a wraith, as though the necromancer possessed one of the wraith's fetters. This ritual is known almost exclusively by the Pisanobs. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 72)

Drink of Styx's Waters -Crafts a bowl from a corpse's skull. Any descendant of the corpse who eats from the bowl during the meal with the necromancer will be affected. If the affected makes a promise to the necromancer, the promise gains otherworldly enforcement.(Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 105)

Ritual of the Unearthed Fetter -Enables the necromancer to locate a wraith's fetter. (Vampire: The Masquerade, Revised Ed., pg. 165)

Tempesta Scudo -Creates a circle that makes it more difficult for wraiths and Risen to take actions. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 76)

Level 4

Awaken the Quiet Heart -The character's heart beats rhythmically, causing cold blood to flow, the lungs inhale and exhale of their own accord and other such nuances of mortal life reestablish themselves within the unliving body. The character does not actually look any more lifelike than normal. This power may be used on other Cainites. Inhuman Cainites may actually suffer. (Road of Heaven, pg. 71)

Bastone Diabolico -Crafts a metal-shod bone that can be used to whack wraiths and specters, draining them of pathos and angst respectively with each hit. This also does extra damage against the walking dead (not including Kindred), which is treated as aggravated. Wraiths and spirits tend to notice that somebody is carrying one of these, even if they do not know what they do, and will stay away from the Necromancer, if possible. This makes it harder to summon them. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 76)

Cadaver's Touch -Makes the victim appear to be a walking corpse for a while. (Vampire: The Masquerade, Revised Ed., pg. 165)

Call upon the Shadow's Grace -Allows the necromancer to speak to a living person's nascent Shadow. (Clanbook: Giovanni, pg. 44)

Drink of Lethe's Waters -Causes temporary retrograde amnesia in the targeted wraith and increases said wraith's susceptibility to suggestion on the part of the necromancer. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 106)

Peek Past the Shroud -Gives the subject Shroudsight for a certain number of hours, based on the caster's stamina. (Guide to the Sabbat, pg. 110)

Ritual of Xipe Totec -The necromancer dons the outer layer of skin of the victim. It becomes a second skin to him. This is known almost exclusively to the Pisanobs. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 72)

Resurrection of Stirred Blood -Enables the Graverobber to fall into controlled torpor or draw another Kindred out of torpor.

Veil That Bars Eternity -Crafts a shroud that suspends all decay in a corpse.

Level 5

Draught of Dust and Ashes -The Graverobber siphons energy from a Haunt. This gives the Graverobber special Willpower. This Willpower siphoned can exceed generational limits and may be used in place of blood to power Disciplines. Any willpower over the Graverobber's maximum disappears at sunrise.

Chair of Hades -Creates a chair in which are hidden a corpse's bones. If the blood descendent of the deceased sits in the chair, he loses all desire to do anything but sit in the chair. He leaves only to quickly fulfill basic bodily needs. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, pg. 106)

Chill of Oblivion -The subject treats aggravated damage from fire and high temperatures as if it were lethal damage. He may attempt to extinguish fires. On the downside, the character gains dessicated lines over his aura, similar to those produced by diablerie. The character also suffers from Touch of Frost and Eerie Presence. Finally, the character attracts the attention of specters, whose Dark Arcanoi now affect the character much more easily. (Guide to the Sabbat, pg. 110)

Esilio -Creates a swirling black vortex leading into either the Abyss or the Dark Labyrinth. This is invisible to the mundane eye, but is quite visible to those with Auspex or Shroudsight. When the necromancer casting this ritual clutches a wraith or spectre, said ghost is immediately destroyed. Wraiths destroyed in this manner, if they come back at all, will probably be spectres. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 76)

Grasp the Ghostly -Enables the necromancer to bring an object from the Shadowlands into the real world. Only objects that recently existed in the real world may be redeemed in this fashion and they remain for only a year. (Vampire: The Masquerade, Revised Ed., pg. 165)

Ritual of Teyolia -Cuts out a Kindred's heart, then preserves it in a specially prepared vessel. The Kindred himself suffers Final Death, but the heart may be diablerized or used in uncertain other purposes... ONLY a select few Pisanobs know this ritual. (Clanbook: Giovanni, Revised Ed., pg. 73)

Sanctuary of Living Death -Designates an area for the ritual. The enchanted land may animate several corpses simultaneously. The corpses cannot leave the area without returning to lifelessness (although another will take its place, even if another is destroyed). All corpses activated in this manner act as Corpse Servants but may attack to the best of their abilities.

Walk through the Shroud -Enables the Graverobber to temporarily cross the shroud and enter the Shadowlands for a few hours. (Dark Ages: Vampire, pg. 197)
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Necromacy Rituals Level 1-5
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