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 Guide to writing Vampiers

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PostSubject: Guide to writing Vampiers   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:49 am

Raptis character creation is a simple step by step guide to creating your Vampire. Everything you need is right here but for more in depth details check out ‘Vampire the Masquerade Revised Edition’ The following is a link to the core rule book for Vampire If you require this or any books and such  please talk to the ST’s and they will help you out.


Step 1

The first thing you need to do is selecting a Concept. This is what the character is and does. It will help provide the fundamental idea that will help everything else fall into place.

Step 2

Selecting the Clan. This is a vital part of the character and lays the foundation. Some Clans are more complicated than others. If you need advice talk to and ST, this is what we are here for. If you require a sheet speak to an ST.  

Step 3

Natures and Demeanors:  Everyone has them and like the characters Clan it will be a basic building block of their personality. The Nature of your character is the true personality, what inside. The Demeanor is the face they present for all to see.  In some cases it is not unheard of for these to be the same, either way choose carefully and have fun.

Step 4

Filling out the sheet.

Attributes: Physical, Social, and Mental.  Now there are three set of points to put into each 7/5/3. These are referred to the Primary group, the Secondary group and the Tertiary group. It is up to  you to decide which group goes to what set of Attributes, Physical, Social and Mental.

Note: each dot represent how good the character is. 1 dot being poor and 3 dots being above average.

Note: This is an example. “If you choose Physical as your primary you can't opt  to spend 6 out of the seven and choose to place the 6th point in your Mental”.  You have to spend the full amount in what you select.

Note: Every attribute begins at 1, the first point is free in Attributes.

Step 5

Abilities: Talents, Skills and Knowledge’s. This time the points go 13/9/5…Primary Secondary and Tertiary so select wisely as this is what your character can do.  If you need help talk to an ST and they will explain what skills allow you to do what.

*Secondary Abilities are available, read the rules on them before you choose to use them. Remember STs have the final approval on these.

Note: No Ability can be over 3 dots unless you have ST approval.

Note: Academics refers to your characters schooling. No dots in this Knowledge means no school for them.

Step 6
Disciplines: You get 3 points to split up between you characters “Clan” Disciplines.  

Note: No none Clan Disciplines, unless ST STRICT approval.

Note No Discipline will ever be above 3 at this stage without ST approval.

Step 7

Backgrounds:  You get 5 points spend. Study the list and choose wisely. Don’t forget Resources – without this your character has NO money or income.

Note: All Backgrounds need to be explained and some require ST approval.

Step 8

Virtues:  You have 7 points to split between Conscience, Self control and Courage.  The first dot in each of these are free.

Note: Conscience and Self Control added together will work out your Humanity score

Note: Your courage rating works out your starting Willpower score.

Step 9

Humanity:  This is the Conscience and Self Control dots added together. Humanity is important. The lower the score the more inhuman you are. Look at Humanity in Paths of Enlightenment to have an idea.

Willpower:  The Starting Willpower is the same as the number of dots in Courage. This may look low but remember it came by put up later.

Blood Pool: 13th Generation Vampires have a blood pool of 10. The Blood pool increases by one for ever dot of the Background ‘Generation’

Step 10

Merits and Flaws: These are not vital or mandatory for the character. Merits and Flaws provide that little bit extra flash and can be incredibly fun.

To make this fair we have to cap them. As Flaws are free and add to the Freebie point score (see Step 10) the maximum you can take for this benefit is 7. Any more than 7 will not count toward extra Freebie points.

Merits have to be bought with Freebies, these are not free and we generally like to see a maximum of 7 points in total here. Many choose to balance their Merits and Flaws.

Step 11
Freebie Points:  have 15 of these to spend anywhere on your sheet. They will allow you to increase your Willpower or anything else you feel you are lacking. The following table will tell you what costs what.  

Note: All Freebies spends must be noted down so we can see what you have spent where.

Note: Freebies can be used to increase anything above what is stated in House Rules.

Attribute - 5 Freebies per dot
Ability - 2 Freebies per dot
Discipline - 7 Freebies per dot
Background - 1 Freebies per dot
Virtues - 1 Freebies per dot
Humanity - 2 per dot
Willpower - 1 per dot


Well that was Raptis's 11 easy steps for Character Creation. Now the sheet is done all you have to do is write the Biography. If you are having trouble with what to write check out Question and Answers section or talk to an ST. Then Send the Sheet and the Biography to for final ST approval. Give us a nudge once its sent and we will check it out as soon as we can.
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Guide to writing Vampiers
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